Friday, April 17, 2015


A snapshot of US Airways pilot and aviation engineer, in the aircraft at Phoenix airport before taking off. I had just entered the aircraft for my trip from Phoenix to Detroit as I saw this and thought I would take a quick-shot of it. I travelled to Utah State to attend a re-entry workshop by World Learning Organization and U.S. Department of States at the  University of Utah from April 1-4.
We stopped in Phoenix airport for having a connected route &  it was there where I captured them. I took many photos trying to capture it at the right angle and lighting, because the sunshine was a little bit disturbing the quality of most of them, eventually I ended up by those two which I felt were taken at a good lighting, not too bright.

The aviation engineer making sure everything goes as planned
 Preparing the aircraft for taking off

Gala Night: Native Voices

I attended the Gala Night event at the University of Utah on April 3rd, I was trying to catch some photos that would work as feature pictures, though the event was formal, and while at the break a group of people appeared to perform a dance "Native Voices" and that's when i took the two photos. I struggled to take most of the pictures as the kids and the dance movements were fast but I came up with a number of good ones and I am posting those two of my favorites.
It was interesting to see how those red Indians preserved their culture and still doing through dressing up their kids and teaching them the traditional dances as well, not to mention giving them nicknames to classify them according to their personalities.

A baby trying to copy her mums style at the Native Voices event hosted by the University of Utah

Middle school students performing a traditional dance

Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to write a photo caption

Photo captions – At first, I thought writing a photo caption was an easy task, anything related to the photo can do it. However, after doing the captions assignment, I got to know that it’s somehow challenging to write, as there are some certain things a photo caption has to include in order to tell a full story. They are the 5W & H, which stands for where, what, when, who, why and how as including those would make a complete story, which is what the reader wants to know. Moreover, a photo caption has to be very interesting that the reader should not have to look at the story, but should want to look at the story.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Camera Operations - Utah State

The first photo demonstrates shallow depth of field technique. Photo was taken at a sidewalk  near Utah's Cathedral of the Madeleine, the sun was bright so I did not need a high ISO. Therefor, I sat my camera on 100 ISO, 1/125 & f/7.1 25mm, I was trying to put the flowers on focus and blur the buildings at the background. Second photo demonstrates wide depth of field technique. It was taken in front of Utah's State Capitol, I used 100 ISO, 1/150 & f/10 27mm and it has all aspects on focus.
Third photo demonstrates window lighting technique. Photo was taking at the University of Utah, of two girls enjoying the window view of Salt Lake City's nature at the university's student union center.

Shallow Depth of Field 
Wide Depth of Field
Window Lighting

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cell phone photography - Wayne State's Student Center

Wayne State's Student Center
Cell phone photography - They say the best camera is the one you have with you when the shot appears. And with so many of us carrying camera phones with us wherever we go, cell phone photography is a growing hobby.
My mobile phone snapped this shot of Wayne State’s Student Center Building after months of renovation.
The Student Center changes ranged from the d├ęcor, to new dining options as new dinners opened including Starbucks, Panda Express, and Wing Stop which will open in the next few weeks. In addition, new meeting rooms and seating areas are now provided as well for student to study, chill or even enjoy gaming LCD 65 inches screens are also provided for video gaming or movies screenings. Moreover, a ballroom is also introduced in the 2nd level, where most events are to be conducted at and a movie theater too which all now makes Student Center the best place for students to be at in Wayne State and this is even before the northern wing opens.

Friday, January 30, 2015

About Ameera

My name is Ameera Al Souli, a Measurement & Cost Engineer with a passion for photography and photojournalism. I am currently an international student attending Wayne State University, as a member of a Global Exchange Program (NESA).
Besides being highly interested in building & natural environments, construction management, cost control and self-development areas, I also have a dream of owning/managing a construction company and engaging photography with engineering.

You can follow me on twitter @Mira_Louis and Instagram: Ameera_Alsouli

Wayne State University - Winter 2015

That's how beautiful Wayne State University's campus looks like during snow days (winter '2015)