Friday, April 17, 2015

Gala Night: Native Voices

I attended the Gala Night event at the University of Utah on April 3rd, I was trying to catch some photos that would work as feature pictures, though the event was formal, and while at the break a group of people appeared to perform a dance "Native Voices" and that's when i took the two photos. I struggled to take most of the pictures as the kids and the dance movements were fast but I came up with a number of good ones and I am posting those two of my favorites.
It was interesting to see how those red Indians preserved their culture and still doing through dressing up their kids and teaching them the traditional dances as well, not to mention giving them nicknames to classify them according to their personalities.

A baby trying to copy her mums style at the Native Voices event hosted by the University of Utah

Middle school students performing a traditional dance

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